Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Bobcat And The Sunset On Mountain Drive- 12/18/09

Mountain Drive had it all yesterday afternoon- a great ride, great sunset, and a large bobcat that ran out in front of me just at dusk. At first I thought I might have been looking at a small mountain lion but turned out it was a large bobcat. We looked at each other for about 10 minutes at a distance of about 20 ft before he got tired of looking at my spandex and decided to leave.

This cat clearly has no regards for the law!

Another great sunset in paradise


Thursday, December 3, 2009

December 2nd Front Country Trails Task Force Meeting Re-Cap

Dear Trail Users,

Yesterdays Front Country Trails Task Force Meeting covered the most recent update on Jesusita Fire winter preparations, UTAP trail survey updates and introduced the first FCT Coordinator, Rebecca Mordini to the public.

Jon Frye from the County Flood Control stopped by to review hydromulching operations done after the Jesusita Fire. 1020 acres were covered with hydromulch, and approximately 2000 pounds of mulch were dropped on each acre. The total cost was around 3 million dollars and it took approximately 3 weeks to complete. “Test plots” of mulched and unmulched earth side by side indicate the mulch is making a difference in reducing erosion following the recent rain.

Phase 1 of the UTAP trail assessment is underway on Cold Spring Trail. Phase 1 will take place until mid January covering Cold Spring and Romero Trails. Phase II will take place in the Spring of 2010 and cover trails affected by the Jesusita Fire. The lower portion of Cold Spring Trail has been surveyed by roughly 20 volunteers and staff is still looking for people willing to take a hike for a good cause. The following dates have some openings, December 9th(1 person),10th(2 people), and 17th(2 people), January 6th(1 person), 7th(2 people), and 14th(2 people) _ get in on the action before it's all booked up! If you are able to help out on any of the above dates or for more on the survey process please contact Kathy Frye @ City Parks, (805) 897-1976 or

Recent trail maintenance projects were reviewed on trails affected by the Jesusita Fire. Kerry Kellogg from the USFS provided a slide show of volunteer efforts along with California Conservation Corps, USFS, and County Heli Crew all working to prepare the trails for winter storms. Garrett Villanueva, an USFS engineer from the Lake Tahoe region led the trail preparation efforts for a two week period starting mid October. With his training, all trails affected by the Jesusita Fire were "retrofitted" with drainage dips, rolling grade dips, and other water drainage features to better hold up through the winter. Kerry also noted that all trails starting at the Tunnel Trail Head including Tunnel, Jesusita(to Inspiration Pt) and Rattlesnake Connector will remain closed until Spring 2010.

Rebecca Mordini was introduced as the FCT Coordinator. She beat out some 20 people for the job and is eager to hear from the people out there about our trails.

Next FCT Task Force Meeting will take place March 3rd, 2010, look for a big trail opening announcement then.