Saturday, November 20, 2010

CAUTION- Construction On Lower "Paved" Tunnel Trail

Use Tunnel Road trail heads with caution over the next few days. Construction crews will be using heavy equipment to clear the debris netting on the lower paved fire road as the blurry photos below indicate.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

More Bones Unearthed On The Front Country Trails

What lies beneath our feet out on the trails? Mostly dirt of course, some rocks, and....history. For the second time this year erosion has helped bring the past back to "life". The bone pictured below was only inches beneath the surface and thanks to recent rains, it is visible once again.

Having run, hiked, biked on McMenemy countless times over the years, I have never wondered what was under my feet. Running this past Thursday I glanced down and saw something white standing out from its brown surroundings. Staring at it close up I knew what it was, having taken multiple anatomy courses over the years. Definitely cortical and cancellous bone.

The bone as it was found partially exposed in the ground
Could it be? About the size and shape of the human femur
After sending these photos to the FS and SAR along with one famous forensic anthropologist, it appears this bone is non-human. Due to the size and conditions however, it was not possible to tell what kind of creature this bone came from. Keep your eyes open for the unexpected out on the trails! -D

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Upcoming Events At The Dirt Club

Hello Dirt Club Riders!

We just wanted to let you know of the 2010-2011 Winter Dirt Club Event Calendar! This time of year the Dirt Club is just awesome, and with the recent, and very successful 24 Hours of Halloween (Thanks racers!) the XC course is in the best shape EVER!

First Item of Business! This weekend, November 6th & 7th, The UCSB Cycling Team will be hosting DH Trail Work Days starting at 10 AM. ANYONE IS WELCOME TO JOIN THEM! The normal Dirt Club Trail Work Days rules apply: Work for 3 - 4 hours, doing nice easy trail work, and then you can ride in the afternoon! All we ask is that you sign the DC Waiver, if you're going to be shuttling the DH please drive no faster than 15 MPH on the ranch roads and remember that Foxen Canyon is a public road so all passengers need to be inside vehicles and wearing seat belts or risk being ticketed by local law enforcement. Please bring any trail building tools you can as well

Here is the calendar!

November 13th & 14th ~ The UCSB Cowpie Classic

November 20th ~ The Dirt Club Cyclocross
December 4th & 5th ~ Momentum MTB Training Camp
December 11th & 12th ~ Dirt Club Winter Race Weekend
January 1st ~ Annual New Years Day at the Dirt Club! $15 ride day and includes a BBQ Tri Tip Sandwich Lunch!

The UCSB Cowpie Classic will feature racing for both Collegiate and USAC racers in XC, STXC, DH and Slalom!

The Dirt Club Cyclocross is a first time event and if you've never tried cyclocross, you can use your mountain bike and there are free Kids Kross Races!

For info on the first ever training camp at the Dirt Club please contact Daniel Cortina or Adam Duvendeck via Momentum's web site.

The Dirt Club Winter Race was brought back by popular demand, so we hope to see all of you out there to just have fun with friends and family! XC on Saturday and DH on Sunday.

Also, brought back by request is the new tradition of riding the Dirt Club on New Years Day! This year it's only $15 per rider and includes an awesome Tri Tip Sandwich lunch too! Non-riders pay $10 for lunch and kids can get a hot dot, chips and a soda for only $5! So bring the entire family! Look for a flyer up soon at

Keep in mind camping is always welcome at during any Dirt Club Event for only $20 per vehicle. We'll make sure that you have plenty of Firewood and that the hot showers are working too!

We hope to see you at many, if not all of these upcoming Dirt Club events in the very near future!

Enjoy the ride,

Mike Hecker - Owner
SG Productions
(805) 896-0673