Sunday, September 26, 2010

National Public Lands Day, 9/25/10- McMenemy Trail, Montecito, CA

McMenemy Trail got a little more enjoyable to use after this last weekend thanks to the local agencies and in large part to the United Way's "Day of Caring". The Day of Caring, a 19 year old nationwide event provides volunteers to many projects locally and across the nation, provided approximately 40 volunteers to this trail event. National Public Lands Day, also a national event fell upon the same day as the Day of Caring and locally was celebrated on McMenemy Trail in Montecito. This 17th annual NPLD was organized locally by the USFS, City and County of Santa Barbara. Last year on NPLD over 1300 miles of trail was repaired or built nationwide.

Most of the volunteers that showed up had never participated in any sort of trail maintenance project but were quick to learn and worked hard despite the 95 degree temperatures. A mile long section of McMenemy Trail in Montecito was picked as the project site to remove overgrown brush and repair damaged trail tread. The event was a success and today McMenemy Trail is a much better place to use today thanks to the agencies and great volunteer turnout. Even more encouraging is the fact that many of the volunteers were interested in helping in future trail volunteer projects.

The Multiuse Trails Coalition and Santa Barbara Mountain Bike Trail Volunteers helped provide trail crew leaders for instructing the volunteers of this event and special thanks to The Santa Barbara Chicken Ranch for donating the BBQ at Manning Park following the event.

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Smile You're On Camera....Out On The Trail

To try and get an idea of trail user demographics, the Front Country Multi-Jurisdictional Task Force is using game cameras(like the one pictured below) to get an exact count of user types and numbers. This topic was discussed and approved by the Task Force in June 2010 at a public hearing. Read the Independent article.