Sunday, April 14, 2013

State Trails Day 2013, Jesusita and Tunnel Trails

The City and County of SB, USFS, along with groups such and Santa Barbara Mountain Bike Trail Volunteers, Multiuse Trails Coalition, and SB Trails Council came out numbering around 30 in total to repair some of Santa Barbara's finest and most historic trails.  Tunnel and Jesusita Trails were targeted to repair damaged trail sections, cut brush, and open waterbars.
In addition to others working on Jesusita, a dedicated crew of six people hiked to the upper part of Tunnel Trail where no repairs had been done in several years.  The worst places were repaired and the crew did incredibly fine and fast work while hiking 4 miles round trip and gaining 1300 vertical feet to reach the work sites.
Nicole and Steve open a water drainage feature on Tunnel Trail

Parts of Tunnel Trail were narrowed due to brush
Steve from city parks and Corey working on the tread
Aaron from county parks and Joe re-establishing the narrowed tread
After brushing and removing slough, the trail is visable again
Stu, Steve, and Aaron repairing a section of trail that has been long neglected
Newly improved trail
Corey and Aaron taking a brief rest before heading to upper Tunnel Trail
Upper Tunnel Trail has been damaged and dangerous in the section for years.  This neglected area is extremely narrow, often times with no visible trail at all and has a steep drop off of
several hundred feet.
Stu repairing the trail
The newly repaired trail

Example of narrow trail

Aaron and Stu uncovering the trail

Steve and Corey at work
How the trail should look
Corey, Steve and, Joe with heads down
The Upper Tunnel Crew: (L to R) Aaron, Corey, Steve, Joe, Stu

Big thanks to the Santa Barbara Chicken Ranch for feeding all the workers at the end of the event!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Wall Climbing Rattlesnake

This adult rattler was hanging out on the paved part of Tunnel Trail yesterday catching some sun.  After I arrived this 3+ footer decided to show off his wall climbing abilities by going over a short wall and disappeared into the brush.