Monday, May 5, 2014

Jesusita Fire Recovery, 5 Years Later

Within the 8000 + acres burned by the Jesusita Fire contained some of Santa Barbara's beloved and historic trails.  These trails including Arroyo Burro, Jesusita, Tunnel, Rattlesnake, and West Fork of Cold Spring all played an important role in the development of our city and continue to be enjoyed by thousands every year.

We are proud to present photographs showing the recovery of the Jesusita Fire on our mountainsides along some of these historic trails.  Taken over the past 5 years you will see the hillsides collapsing upon themselves with "dry ravel" to grassy undergrowth to the rebirth of the chaparral so commonly found associated with the front country.  To some, these hillsides may appear to have achieved a full recovery but the photos show that there is still quite a bit of growth yet to go.  Until the recovery is complete, every wind storm blows over dead trees killed by this fire every rain storm brings unwanted rock and mudslides from the fragile hill sides above.