Thursday, October 13, 2011

New Front Country Trail Map Online Now!

The all new, revamped Santa Barbara Front Country Trail Map is available now! This new desktop map is viewable on Google Earth and now includes the Arroyo Burro Trail and Island View Trail. More info has been placed in the icons and trails themselves and better delineation of trail vs fire road. Check it out today on our "maps" page!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Tunnel Trail Rut Repair

Wet soil makes for the perfect condtions to get out and do a little trail repair. The "rut" on upper Tunnel Trail has been an eyesore and an obstacle to those who frequent the trail for the last year. The rain created the rut was deep enough that people created a secondary route along the upper hillside.

The solution, remove the weeds filling in the actual trail and then fill the rut with rocks and soil to make the trail usable again.
Link to photos

Step One: Weed Removal

Step Two: Fill In The Deep Rut

Step Three: Enjoy Your Repaired Trail