Sunday, November 1, 2015

Cold Spring Trail Partially Re-Opens Following The Gibraltar Fire - Details Below

 Cold Spring Trail has reopened between the lower trail head and Montecito Peak only.  Trail between Montecito Peak and Camino Cielo Rd. is an active fire zone at this time and closed until further notice.  

Photos taken during the fire from the Riviera and from Cold Spring Trail  following the trail's re-opening.

Morning of 10/29

  Phos Chek dropped via jetliner

Not a worry in the world

 10/29 PM, Montecito Peak to the right

Cold Spring Trail on 11/1

View from Montecito Peak couple months back


Closed portion of Cold Spring Trail as seen from Montecito Peak, 
multiple slides are just some of the issues on this section of trail

Fire fighters mopping up on the perimeter