Friday, December 13, 2013

Mobile Maps Of The Front Country Trails Updated

Newly updated, maps for your mobile device are online.  These maps are view-able for both Android and iPhone and give you all the trails and the scenic points along the trails.  Every map icon holds details about the selected trail including elevations, distances, descriptions, and points of interest.

To use, Google Earth App must be installed on the mobile device and if scanning QR codes, iPhone users will have to scan using the RedLaser App.  Scan from your home computer before leaving for the trail head or open directly from the webpage on your mobile device.

Visit for more details

Screen Shot of the Tunnel Trail Area Mobile Map

Screen Shot of Scan-able QR Codes As They Appear on the PC or Mac- 
Simply scan, open in Google Earth App and go! 

Screen Shot of QR Codes on a Mobile Screen
Tapping desired QR code will open that Map in Google Earth App

Having these maps does not insure your safety on the trails, be prepared whenever you go out on the trails and follow the Santa Barbara County Search and Rescues Hiking Tips before you hit the trails.
Remember some areas of the Front Country do not have good cellular access and these maps may not work in these areas.  Feedback welcome.