Saturday, March 11, 2017

Jesusita Trail : Rut Redemption and Drainage Problem Eradication

This area on Jesusita Trail took a beating from high water flow and lack of drainage.  A rut was the predominant feature of this trail after the storms causing users to straddle it when climbing or descending the hill.  Solution: create drainage to keep water from rutting out the trail further, fill in the rut, and make a path that is more sustainable and long lasting.

The rut looking uphill

Looking downhill, water followed  the center line of the trail

Joani building the substructure for the water drain

Chase and Joani working on the trail's new path

Finished product, the rut filled in and the trail much more sustainable

The view looking downhill, a massive water drain will prevent rutting for years to
come while the direction of the new trail avoids the "fall line" and is much more sustainable.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Post Febocalypse Clean-up Continues On Jesusita and Tunnel Trails

This washed out section on upper Tunnel Trail left almost no tread to walk
on and left a massive sheer drop of several hundred feet if one mis-stepped
A small support wall was erected to support the missing section of trail and
proper drainage was added to allow water to run off in a safer loction rather than
where it had previously washed the tread

This narrow section on Jesusita washed out during the heavy rains bringing the
width of trail to mere inches around a blind corner
With improved drainage in place above and below the wash out,
this section is now fortified with rock and widened for better visibility