Friday, May 25, 2018

Thomas Fire Closure Lifted

With the closure being lifted there are a few things to keep in mind before heading onto the trail:

Safety -  Trail conditions range from in need of basic maintenance to life threatening.  There are segments of trail which are untouched and appear nearly as they did before however most trails have segments with missing portions, boulders blocking, down trees, loose sediment, or at risk for more rock or tree fall.  That being said, the Forest Service will be placing warning signs on the trails to inform users of these dangers.  In addition to this, large scale restoration projects are soon to begin on both open and closed trails.  The safest trail user is one who stays out of the burn area completely or uses the SCE fire roads which have all been rebuilt

Respect -  It is essential that trail users respect their surroundings including neighbors who are going through unimaginable losses and do not need to worry about parking difficulties or other matters related to trail use.  It is also important to understand the conditions of the hillsides around the trails as they are very fragile and will take years to regain their former glory so please stay on designated trails.

Map of the trail status as of 5/24/18, Red = closed, Green = open