Monday, May 21, 2012

Taming The Wild West Fork

Joani, Paul, and I headed out to the West Fork of Cold Spring Trail this weekend to clear downed trees, clear brush, and rake shale. The photos speak for themselves, trail now clear and open! D

Down tree near the water pipe

Joani and Paul chopping

Looking good

Paul using a hand saw to cut the tree that had broken but not fallen

The tree down

All clear

This section of trail was completely blocked

Completely open

The shale sections are a continual problem

Joani and Paul raking shale

Improved trail after

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Camuesa Connector And The Case Of The Curious Baby Rattler

F.B. and I decided to head over into the Santa Ynez Valley to get away from the grey and rode the Camuesa Connector Trail today.  The trail is in good shape partially due to the recent work by SBMTV and the river section is low enough to ride without stopping.  On the way back along Paradise Rd we encountered a baby rattler sunning itself on the pavement. We stopped and found this little guy to be very curious about us. He started to leave only to come back around the rear of F.B.'s bike to take a little rest. During his adventure he checked out my sunglasses then decided after about 5 mintues he had enough and dissappeared into the bushes. - D
F.B. cruises through the meadow nearing the S.Y. River

Dropping into the S.Y. River

Taking a closer look at the rattler

The rattler takes a closer look at F.B.'s bike 

The rattler likes Smith Sunglasses