Sunday, November 14, 2010

More Bones Unearthed On The Front Country Trails

What lies beneath our feet out on the trails? Mostly dirt of course, some rocks, and....history. For the second time this year erosion has helped bring the past back to "life". The bone pictured below was only inches beneath the surface and thanks to recent rains, it is visible once again.

Having run, hiked, biked on McMenemy countless times over the years, I have never wondered what was under my feet. Running this past Thursday I glanced down and saw something white standing out from its brown surroundings. Staring at it close up I knew what it was, having taken multiple anatomy courses over the years. Definitely cortical and cancellous bone.

The bone as it was found partially exposed in the ground
Could it be? About the size and shape of the human femur
After sending these photos to the FS and SAR along with one famous forensic anthropologist, it appears this bone is non-human. Due to the size and conditions however, it was not possible to tell what kind of creature this bone came from. Keep your eyes open for the unexpected out on the trails! -D

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