Thursday, April 24, 2008

Where was that new secret waterfall again?

I guess I was so tired after running this popular local trail and hiking to these previously hidden falls I kinda forgot where they were. At least that's the story I am sticking with. These falls I am sure have been known about for some time because there has been a small offshoot trail leading their direction for years. I took this trail in the past but it led nowhere except a large patch of poison oak. So today when I was running up this local trail I was surprised to see what looked like trail work along a small this creek side path. I went for it and to my amazement it went past the poison oak patch and much further. Not the best trail in the world but definitely had seen some action and tread work done on it recently.

Much like the trails to Tangerine Falls, and 7 Falls this trail is sketchy at times and is straight up the creek near the end. I ran into a couple heading down this trail who informed me that the trail ended 50 feet ahead. I went 50 feet, then another and another but the trail led on. Either they didn't want me to know about the falls or they have really bad trail navigation skills. In either case I pressed on this small trail and after about 20 minutes came to the first of two nice waterfalls. Just passed this was another, taller falls that had a nice pool under it. This pool had some help with an obvious rock damn built to make a nice swimming area. Although these falls were about 1/3 the size of Tangerine Falls the pool was far bigger and looked deeper. Up until this point the views had been blocked by the trees and were not anything special. Arriving at the falls the views of the ocean and the harbor were awesome.

Maybe I was just the last person to find these falls and people have been going to them for years. I can't really say but I do know it is always cool to come across a secret place like this just when you thought all the cool places where all discovered. Because the light was starting to go I didn't go any further than the upper falls but it looked like the trail kept going. That is for another day to explore. The photo of the ocean should give you some indication of the location of these falls but if you are still not sure...............


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