Monday, February 9, 2009

Mt. Waterman Lives......Again

The first time I went to Mt. Waterman was in Summer 1995 and I rode my mountain bike up to the top. I was in school in L.A. at the time and had heard about this small resort located on Angeles Crest Highway. I had never even thought of going to anywhere else other than Mammoth or Mt. Baldy or Big Bear for snowboarding. Since that visit I have visited Waterman with my snowboard every year for the last 14 years. Some of those years it has been closed and I have had to snowshoe up, but after a five year closure, Waterman is open.......again.

This visit I took the GF and we spent the weekend riding the slopes. It was a bit busy for Waterman, 100-200 people and at one point we almost had to wait in a lift line. The snow was excellent, about 3 feet and about 1+ foot of powder on top of it all. The mountain is known for its natural terrain and the ability to go out of bounds without hassle. Going out of bounds is actually my favorite part of the mountain and is even more convenient that most of the runs take you back to the road for a short walk back to the resort. Thank you for opening again Mt. Waterman!

Lift 1/Face Runs
Fun Terrain
Long Lift Lines
Steep Face Runs

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