Monday, April 13, 2009

Figueroa Mountain Wildflower Bloom 'N Hike

The GF and I decided to head out to Figueroa Mtn. Easter Sunday to see the wildflowers and get a hike in before it all dried up. We drove up to the S.W. edge of the mountain where a small trail follows the ridge. The trail is unofficial but does eventually take you all the way up to the summit in a little over a mile distance and about 1200' gain. Along the way are great fields that are mostly poppies but some lupine as well. A few other people were out with the same idea but nobody else took the ridge trail to the summit with us. If you haven't ever made it out there to see the flowers before you best do so quickly because it will be all dried up in a couple more weeks.


Our Route in Red
S.W. Slope of Figueroa Mtn
The Slope Up Close
Up Closer

Santa Ynez Mountains in the Distance

Figueroa Mtn Locals


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