Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Three Trails Closed By The Jesusita Fire Re-Opened Today!

Dear Trail Users,

We are happy to inform you that Rattlesnake Canyon Trail, West Fork of Cold Springs Trail, and Jesusita Trail to Inspiration Point on the San Roque side only, are now open. Trails starting at the end of Tunnel Road at the Tunnel Trail Head will remain closed for now. Agencies wanted to warn everyone to be ready for possible unstable trail conditions and emphasized that staying on the designated trails was crucial. They also wanted trail users to know that trail closure status may change if the trails become unsafe or if it is found people are traveling "off trail" which will create erosion problems. Come Winter trail status may change due to weather conditions and it is a pretty sure bet that the trails will need work to make them safe for Winter and ready for Spring. Agencies also want everyone to be respectful of the neighbors living in area affected by the Jesusita Fire.

The trails could never have been opened this quickly had it not been for the huge turnout of volunteers that helped repair the trails on June 13th. Thank you to all that attended!


Thanks, The MTC

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