Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bee Aware Of The New Residents On Jesusita, Powerlines

Added 6/25/10, Reports of bee colonies on the trails at Parma Park also...

Added 7/10/10, Ground bees in the meadow of Rattlesnake Canyon Trail.....

Added 7/22/10, The Jesusita Trail Colony has dissapeared!

Several ground bee colonies have made themselves at home on a couple of your favorite local trails. Half way up Jesusita Trail on the Tunnel side, several hundred bees are living in and on the trail. The trail is all but blocked turning most users around at the site. Some are going around the colony using the hillsides above and below the trail but this is not recommended as the hillsides are very delicate and trying to recover from the Jesusita Fire.

A second colony is forming on the Powerlines Fireroad, 3/4 of the way to the top and is not blocking the trail but has doubled in size since last week. The agencies have been notified of the bees on the trails.

*Ground bees are typically not aggressive but can sting so those allergic to bees may want to use alternative trails- MORE ON GROUND BEES


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