Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rattlesnake Dog Aversion Training In Montecito CA- 8/21/10

Let's say you are out on the trail with your dog and he or she encounters a rattlesnake, what would he or she do? The end result could be fatal if they get too close to these slithery creatures found on all of our front country trails.

How do you prevent your dog from becoming a statistic? Rattlesnake aversion training. Friends of mine brought in the specialists from Natural Solutions this past weekend to train their new puppy and remind their older dogs about the dangers of rattlesnakes.

The training involves the use of a shock collar with visual, sound, and the scent of the rattlers. My friends new puppy had never seen a snake before and was eager to sniff and paw at these mysterious creatures in his driveway. If not for the mouths of the snakes being taped shut, the puppy would have been bit several times. By the end of the training session the dogs were all very aware that rattlesnakes equal danger and wanted nothing to do with them.

The timing for this training was so perfect as a rattler found it's way on to the property just this week but was removed before the dogs found him.- Dave

A Southern Pacific Rattlesnake
The puppy becoming aware of the danger of rattlesnakes
How to prevent the dogs and handlers from being bitten- tape!
Natural Solutions
A short video of a Western Diamondback Rattlesnake striking at the handler:

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