Saturday, February 5, 2011

Jesusita Berm Busting Photos 2/5/11

If you use Jesusita Trail in the near future and wonder, "why does the trail seems like it is in such good shape?!" Don't wonder why any longer. It was all made possible due to the hard work of Steve, Joani, Corey, Steve, Wayne, and Dave. We went out with the idea of busting some berms and were challenged by the biggest, meanest, deepest entrenched section of trail. Lot of dirt was moved and now instead of being an area where people want to avoid at all costs after a rain event, they will look forward to walking or riding right on through.

We also managed to repair the long neglected "first switchback" at the creek crossing, making it wider and better than it has been in a number of years.

The Crew: Steve, Joani, Corey, Steve, Wayne, Dave

"The" section from below
"The" section from above

Working on switchback #1

Better than ever!

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Suzanna said...

Really cool to see the evolution of a better-than-ever trail! Thanks for all the hard work and great before-and-after shots!