Monday, June 6, 2011

National Trails Day 2011- Tunnel-Rattlesnake Connector Trail

The Tunnel-Rattlesnake Connector Trail, a trail that had seen better days. Burned to a crisp in the Jesusita Fire, washed out beyond recognition the following two winters, and overgrown and in need of some serious help. Along comes National Trails Day and not a second too late. This agency sposored event involved many of the big trail organization in town and around 25 volunteers from the community. A large portion of the trail was repaired and made very user friendly thanks to the good turnout.

Volunteers getting ready at Skoffield Park

Hiking into the fog of Rattlesnake Canyon

Can you find the trail? Volunteers put it back together


Dean said...

Thanks people! I am taking my hiking group there next Saturday. We are going to park at Skofield and shuttle to the Tunnel trail head to do a loop. I was worried about the connector from other comments and never having been there before. Thanks for your hard work -- I feel much more confident about the hike. See

Multi-use Trails Coalition said...

You are welcome Dean, Enojoy the hike!