Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bike Racks At The Trail Heads? It's Time

Why not promote a "greener" way to use the trails? Instead of driving to use your favorite trails how bout biking there then doing that hike. Some are already doing just that but the lack of bike parking forces cyclists to get creative when it comes to looking for a place to lock up their rides. Tunnel and Romero have gates near to the trailhead which allow users to lock but all the other trails do not. We have approached the Santa Barbara Bike Coalition and SB City Parks with the idea of placing racks at your trail heads and both groups seem interested. Hopefully this "additional parking" will be placed at your favorite trail in the very near future.
(All photos taken in the Tunnel Trail vicinity)

Sign posts, when used propely can make fine bike racks

One trusting cyclist left this bike unlocked at the Trail Head

Bridge or bike rack? You decide

Street sign or bike rack? You decide
People get creative when securing their bikes

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