Friday, January 13, 2012

Elings Park Goes Virtual!

Introducing a new level of virtual reality in online maps!  Elings Park Virtual takes you to that next level.  It is a map and so much more, check it out today!
*An updated map of all trails: hiking, multiuse, downhill, paths
*Complete map of all park features with descriptions, photos, and embedded links
*Aerial photos of the park courtesy of Chad Bastian hidden in "paragliders" throughout the park...can you find them all?
*360 interactive panoramas in the Vanyo, Singleton, and Godric icons
*All custom map icons found nowhere else
*1st person point of view videos (most shot in HD)! Take a hike on the Sierra Club Trail, bike on the multiuse trails throughout the park(each section of trail has a different video), stroll along the memorial walk, take a flight above the park with a paraglider, ride in the cockpit of a RC racer, or take a lap around the BMX Course.
*And when you are all done experiencing the park you can go out and really visit this great park.

Instructions: Save the attached KMZ file and open in Google Earth on your home computer. Latest versions of Google Earth and Flash Player are recommended.
Special Thanks:
To Zane K. for the downhill video, Jim Barnett for the BMX course video, Elings Park International Raceway for the RC video, Fly Above All Paragliding, Eagle Paragliding, and Fly Away Hangliding for the aerial videos and photos.

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