Sunday, April 15, 2012

State Trails Day 2012, San Antonio Creek Trail

A group of 20 + volunteers showed up for State Trails Day 2012 held this year held on San Antonio Creek Trail.  The event focused on brush removal and repairing water drainage features on this great trail.  SB County Parks along with City of SB, SBMTV, SB County Outdoor Foundation, and ourselves all participated.

The group preparing to depart from Tuckers Grove Park

Chris Orr and Stephan compacting wet soil

Curt Cragg of SBCOF taking pix

Some of the 6 women representing this day

Corey Anderson talks with Mandy from SB City Parks

Kevin finishes off a water drainage feature

Stephan and Lauren  finishing a rolling grade dip

Mark Guy from SB County Parks

The mini excavator opening up a culvert to prevent water from entering the trail

Ocean view from upper SACT

John and Roberta standing on their proud new WDF

Before- note the water running down the trail has created a small rut

After- this water drainage feature will prevent further rutting

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Mandy B said...

I'm getting caught up on your blog. Great photos and comments!