Sunday, January 28, 2018

Thomas Fire Trail Closures Extended by County of Santa Barbara

County Closure Sign at Franklin Trail Head

With road access now allowing people into most areas of Montecito following the tragic mudslides, here is what you need to know about the status of your favorite trails along the Front Country.

Previously the Forest Service had closed access to trails that were effected by the Thomas Fire and fell within the National Forest Boundary.  Due to concerns that recent heavy rains may have caused instability to the hillsides already bare from the Thomas Fire, the County of Santa Barbara has followed suit and decided to close trail portions adjacent to National Forest Boundary.  Trails now closed in their entirety by this and the previous Forest Service order are: West Fork of Cold Spring Trail, Cold Spring Trail, Hot Springs Trail + Connector, Mcmenemy Trail, Old Pueblo Trail, Girard Trail, San Ysidro Trail, Saddle Rock Trail, Wiman Trail, Buena Vista Trail, Romero Trail, and Franklin Trail.

*UPDATE: 2/1/18  The County of Santa Barbara has re-opened it's portion of the Franklin Trail, please note the FS closure is still in effect for this trail!  The county will monitor conditions and further closures are possible on this trail again throughout the winter.

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