Sunday, May 25, 2008

Did It Snow on LIttle Pine Mtn This Weekend?

Unfortunately not. I rode up there today thinking this cold storm might have dropped a bit of the white stuff. It felt cold enough to snow at Happy Hollow and was probably only 40 degrees at most. My hands and feet were both numb on the way down. This was quite a contrast from last weekend at SGDC where it was probably well over 100.

I again brought my little friend to fix the crib wall. Last time I cleared two out of the three slides and to my surprise they were still rideable. I spent a couple of minutes touching them up and then focused on the big problem. The third slide is so far backed up most of the time is spent just bringing shale down from above the trail. After about 20 minutes the big slide was rideable.....barely but rideable. I should have the third slide even more rideable next time I head up there. This would pretty much make the entire Santa Cruz Trail doable from Happy Hollow to the parking lot without stopping. The shrubbery is a little wild in places but it isn't that bad. The trail overall is in good condition but in need of care in places. Unfortunately the FS can't always give that care. A piece of advice: Don't go see Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull- it sucked!

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Greg Knowles said...

Thanks for the update & the movie critique. You were too late on the movie. My boys dragged me there on Friday. They had fun. I enjoyed spending time with them but you are right the movie was only so so.