Saturday, May 10, 2008

That Damn Little Pine Crib Wall

I wanted to get out of the grey crappy weather today so I rode up Buckhorn Rd. to do the Little Pine loop. As expected the weather was sunny in the SYV and warmer. The first thing I noticed while acsending the road was that there was some growth coming out of the Zaca Fire burn. This was a big change since that last time I rode this loop 3 weeks ago. Also there had been some bulldozing going on the road which unfortunately had loosened up the soil and made pedaling a little more difficult. There also appears to be some logging taking place in Happy Hollow to cut down every tree that was burnt, which was pretty much every tree.

The Santa Cruz Trail is in good condition for as tough a year as its been through. Recent trail work cleared slides after the fire took the plantlife and rains did the rest. The only thing left making this rideable top to bottom is that damn crib wall. Always sliding over the trail, gets in your shoes when you walk over the slide. Never gives up and comes right back when cleared. As long as I have used this trail, the crib wall has been a mess.

I decided to bring a friend along with me this ride, my new folding shovel tool. It is basically a military issue style shovel but a newer and lighter design. It only weighs 1.5 lbs and folds up to about the size of your hand. I have to say I it did good and I am glad I brought it with. Ideally for working the crib wall bigger mcleods might have been the best tool, but they can't quite be packed to fit in a camelbak quite as easily.

After working 3 of the sections of this crib wall for about 3/4 hour I was out of water and covered in shale dust. It didn't take that long to clear 2 of the sections and make them less dangerous and rideable, but the obvious problem still lingers. The retaining wall just can't hold all the shale back and the drainage tube gets clogged real quick. The third and largest slide section was a complete disaster. There was so much sliding down that after working on it for a while I saw almost no difference. Next time I hope to get a little more knocked off that third slide and get it safe and rideable again too.
Is there any way to end the problems with the crib wall? Suggestions are appreciated.

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Greg Knowles said...

Dave, it looks like you need some major help to fix that mess. I'm sure the shovel helped, but not sure that will really do the trick.