Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hiker Injured On Rattlesnake Canyon Trail

An experienced hiker fell and was injured while hiking in Rattlesnake Canyon Monday. The accident happened in the early afternoon approximately 1 mile from the trail head(see photo). The hiker who was alone at the time, recieved assistance from two hikers on the trail that heard his yells. The two hikers called 911 and helped the injured man by getting him into some dry clothes and applying pressure to help stop bleeding. County Fire flew in and air lifted the man out to be taken to Cottage Hospital. His injuries were a broken wrist, a shattered vertebrae in the low back and head lacerations. The exact location and or trail is unknown but the victim says that it was a narrow portion that just gave out. We have hiked the main trail and found it to be intact up to the meadow but there are numerous trails that run along the creek that also get high usage. The hiker is local and a frequent trail user and we wish him a speedy recovery and hope he is able to get back on the trail soon.(Photo Courtesy of M. Bacon)

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