Saturday, December 20, 2008

Stuck All Day In The Board Room Friday

Luckily the board was my snowboard and the room was the secret mountain at an undisclosed location that got another foot of powder since my last visit. Even with my 30" snowshoes I was sinking in about a foot for every step I took due to the light snow density. At this point the mountain had excellent coverage and no longer did obstacles stick out from the snow. I had the mountain all to myself in the AM, heading up and down the 1000' elevation gain 2 times before I was joined by Rob in the afternoon. Something about having to get to the top on your own or maybe the natural terrain make backcountry funner than riding up on a chair. Here are some photos from the days events.

My Chair Lift
Self Portrait
My Boardroom
Penthouse View
Antelope Valley
Leaving My Mark
Natural Terrain

Fun Features of the Boardroom
You Should Have Been There

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