Friday, May 15, 2009

The Good News About The Trails Is......

The good news is that trails are open east of Cold Springs including: Hot Springs, San Ysidro, and Romero. The bad news is that I drove up to the other trail heads to check their status and posted their photos below. Jesusita off of San Roque and Tunnel Trail head both got torched. When they open again at some point be prepared for complete shock. Tunnel Road is down right depressing. Many power poles have been burned and are under repair, vegetation on both sides is gone. Familiar houses that have made the Tunnel Rd area unique are now piles of rubble. The trail head itself must have been an inferno. Metal signs on both sides of the trail head are disfigured and close to the melting point. The gate at the trail head which used to contain our advertisement for our "happy hour" now has melted plastic where it used to be. The landscape is unreal, it looks more like a desert than a trail in Santa Barbara and the ground around the trail head itself is still radiating heat. It will be some time before these areas look the way we are used to seeing them. We will be helping the agencies to get our trails back to usable condition again. If you would like to be part of this process contact us for further information. Dave for the MTC

Cold Springs- Closed
Rattlesnake- Closed
Tunnel Trail Head- Closed
Tunnel-Photo Taken 1 Month Ago
Tunnel Trail Head Area
Tunnel Singed Signs

Jesusita Trail Head- Closed (that post used to be the trail head sign)

Jesusita Trail in San Roque Canyon

Stevens Park Jesusita Trail Access- Closed


AudreyO said...

As I've gone about my daily life and driven in different areas, I'm so saddened by what the fire has done. I've bookmarked your blog to check out neat places to walk/hike here in SB.

Multi-use Trails Coalition said...

Thanks Audrey, Hopefully the trails will re-open in about a month(predicted). Will be putting trail updates on our blog and website.