Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tunnel Trail Restoration Re-Cap

Our first trail maintenance project following the Jesusita Fire this past Saturday was a success. We were asked by the USFS to help out with the restoration of Tunnel Trail which needed a lot of work. Six lucky volunteers took the task of removing a ton of shale, debris, and ash from the lower section of Tunnel Trail. It was very hard work and the team worked hard, but in the end the trail tread became visible again and measures to ensure it stayed that way hopefully will last. Also on hand were the LPNF Hot Shots who tackled the upper section of Tunnel. Tunnel is very much on the way to coming back to life especially with thanks to the hard work of: Carolyn P, Joani M, Chris O, Pete L, and Chris K. -Dave for the MTC

Scraping The Trail Clean
That's Why We Had Dust Masks
Piles Of Rubble
Carolyn Hard At Work
The LPNF Hot Shots
Deep Trail Ash
The Crew


dorothyvid said...

Thanks so much for repairing the trails. It is greatly appreciated.

Unknown said...

Thanks, persons, very much appreciated.

Multi-use Trails Coalition said...

You are welcome!