Sunday, September 27, 2009

National Public Lands Day A Success!

About 30 people came out this past weekend to help bring Cold Spring Trail back to life. Work consisting of tread repair, brush work, and trail restoration was completed between Camino and Montecito Peak. One major reason for this work was when an injury occured due to dangerous trail condtions on the upper part of the trail. Several months ago, someone doing trail work left debris on the trail forcing users to create a secondary trail. Removing this secondary trail was one of the main objectives of the day.

Groups including ourselves, SBMTV, Bicicentro, Crahtac, SBTC, LPNF Engine 46, and others all participated in making the day a success. Work wrapped up by about 12:30 just as the temps began to rise and all the volunteers were met on Camino Cielo by a meal catered by the Santa Barbara Chicken Ranch. Thanks to the work done this past weekend, no one else will get injured on Cold Spring Trail from substandard trail conditions.

Pre-Work Pep Talk
LPNF Engine-46 Helped With Chainsaws
One Of Many Damaged Sections- Before
Same Section- After
Another Example of Damaged Trail-Before
The After Party

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