Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Red Rock 40 Mile Trail Run- San Ysidro Aid Station Setup Help

Every year the 9 Trails Race brings out the best of the best of the craziest trail runners to Santa Barbara's Trails. This year, due to recent fires and trail closures the race got 5 miles longer than its already punishing 35 mile route and was renamed the "Red Rock 40 Mile Trail Run". It will start at Red Rock in the Santa Ynez Valley, climb up to Cold Spring Saddle then continue along the front country until it reaches the turn around at Romero Canyon Trail Head and back.

A big part of getting this race off the ground is due to volunteer efforts. I volunteered in 2007 and will again this year at the San Ysidro aid station. I will be hiking or biking in 10 gallons of water for the racers to drink as they pass SY Creek. If anyone wishes to help carry the H20 in on Friday afternoon or has a BOB trailer they are willing to lend that would make things much easier. Please email Dave if you are able to help.

Guillermo Medina leaving the San Ysidro Aid Station in the 2007 9 Trails Race

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