Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jesusita/Rattlesnake Trail Clean-up A Success!

This past weekends trail repair project brought out 30+ people all eager to get our trails into tip top shape. After a quick introduction and description of the task at hand we split into two groups, one headed to Jesusita Trail and one over to Rattlesnake Canyon. The main objective on both trails was to repair damaged trail sections and improved water drainage. Special thanks to all that attended and an extra big thanks to the Santa Barbara Chicken Ranch for hooking all the workers up with grub at the end of the day. Below are some photos from the Rattlesnake Canyon Trail work. -Dave

Rattlesnake Canyon slide removal
Highly Rutted Wash- Before
Severely Damaged Trail- Before
Same Area- Before
Titus and Matt bustin' up rocks
Kickin' Canines
The Rattlesnake Group
Titus, Matt, John, Jeri, and Ken
Nothing Better Than A Chicken Ranch Picnic!

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