Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mountain Lion On Romero Canyon, Xmas Bell Building Party...

Dear Trail Users,

This morning on Romero Canyon Trail a woman who was hiking alone(husband had hiked ahead) was surprised by a mountain lion that bound onto the trail in front of her in hot pursuit of a coyote it was chasing. Although the lion was not interested in her, the brief experience did leave her frightened. The location was along the lower canyon trail and the time was around 8am.
Mountain lions have been seen on Romero over the years and will continue to be there in the future, be prepared when traveling in mountain lion country!
The following tips from the DFG are helpful when traveling on Romero or any other trail where mountain lions call home:
Never Hike/Ride Alone!
Avoid using the trail during feeding times- dawn, dusk, night
Don't run if you encounter a lion
Careful with small children in lion country.
For more info visit the Department of Fish and Game's mountain lion page
Ever wonder how all those bells you like to hear get on bikes out there on our trails? SBMTV is the group that provides them and they need a little help assembling them.....
Next Tuesday night, Dec 14th, SBMTV will be supplying Pizza to all who show up to the Rusty's Pizza upstairs backroom on Castillo and Bath at 6pm.
The catch? You gotta cut a piece of velcro and stick it in a bike bell. Yep, you could say this is SBMTV's bike bell build Xmas party.
Any way, help you your local trail system next Tuesday by eating pizza and putting some bells together!
Xmas Bell Build PartyTuesday Dec 14th, 6pmRusty's Pizza,
Upstairs back room232 West Carrillo Street, Santa Barbara
Contact :
Finally, with nice weather brings heavier use out on the trails. Now is a good time to remind everyone of some simple steps to how we can all get along better. Our trail code page has some good tips for all users- learn it, know it, live it!

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