Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Preventing Damage To The Front Country Trails Post Rain

All the Front Country Trails are extremely saturated right now and very fragile! Please consider waiting for the trails to dry out before using your favorite route. All water crossing are running extremely high and extremely fast, use caution when crossing creeks esp. in the burn area. Rocks are loose and can slide onto the trails at any time, one large slide on Cathedral Pk this afternoon. Information about trail conditions and the following photos were gathered to share info with the USFS.

Jesusita Trail(Tunnel Side)- Water crossing running too high to allow passage to Inpiration Pt or 7 Falls or Cathedral Pk

Tunnel Trail- Very muddy the entire length and slippery, several areas with rockslides.

Tunnel Trail has seen better days
Jesusita Trail creek crossing was flowing too high and fast to cross

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