Saturday, May 14, 2011

Front Country Trails Map Goes Mobile!

Ever wish you knew where the correct turn off was for the trail with the great view or waterfall? You forgot your map but had your cell phone, too bad there wasn't a way to access our trails via your smartphone! Now there is!

A map of the entire Front Country Trails with detailed info about routes, distances, elevations, and POI's all available in the palm of your hand. This map was developed using the same data that was collected for the Maintenance Map earlier this year. Now instead of being full of maintenance needs these maps have distance, elevations, points of interest and other information to help you along the trail. By tapping trails, fire roads, or individual icons, detailed information about a trail, trail head, or scenic point will pop up on the screen. Have patience as this can take several seconds to load depending on cell signal.

Here is how it works- KML files of the trails are uploaded to our website which can be accessed from the links "mobile trail maps". Individual trails are listed as is the entire trail system(slower loading time) found at the top of the main page. While browsing the net on your cell phone visit: and click the links. Using iPhone 3 or 4 allow the browser to open the file. Using Droid open file in browser only, when given the option to view in Google Maps or browser- CHOOSE BROWSER.

If you have a GPS enable phone you can locate your exact location on the trail pushing the "my location" button. Choosing the "page" button at the top of the screen provides a list of all the trails and poi's and clicking will place a marker on that location of the map.

Feedback is welcome- tell us what you think!

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