Sunday, May 8, 2011

McKinley Peak By Bike- 5/7/11

Well bike most of the way and hike the last .5 miles to the top of McKinley Peak. Great ride with at least two water sources along the road- just past Cachuma Pk and at McKinley Springs near the summit. This is definitely one ride you don't want to do when it's super hot out as most of the way it is exposed. Luckily temps this day barely got into the 70's and not too windy. Just a hour drive to Cachuma Saddle this trip is well worth the effort.-D

PS don't forget to sign the summit registrar!

Topo map with elevation profile of the ascent of McKinley Peak Cachuma Peak

Hell's Half Acre- Actually one of nicest points along the Rd Views deep into the San Rafael
Sandstone formation and Hell's Half Acre
McKinley Saddle

View From McKinley Peak into cloudy Santa Ynez Valley

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