Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mountain Drive Flood Prevention Day Photos

Probably the best thing that I have done all week or maybe even all month was help with the MDCA flood prevention today, 11/23/08. At least a hundred people were all volunteering to prevent what could be horrible mudslides for anyone living below the burn area. It was a well organized event where groups of volunteers were sent to different areas along Mountain Dr. to work on preventing erosion. The Multiuse Trails Coalition was happy to supply our work crew with Mcleods and Pulaskis that really came in handy.

I was assigned to a group of properties on E. Mtn Drive where none of the 10 or homes were left standing. We met with one of the homeowners who directed us on how to protect the properties and creeks from flooding. While talking with her we about the fire she told us how there was 15 minutes to get out with everything including her 2 daughters. Her neighbors were not as lucky, they are the two burn victims still being treated for their injuries. This property is almost the next door neighbor to the Tea Gardens but in a canyon so the flames would not have been visible until they were right on top of her. Interesting to know that as she was evacuated fire engines lined the road and were unable to do anything to fight the massive flames. It is one thing to see the photos in the newspaper or even drive by one of these burnt down homes but it is another to actually see them up close. Some of the properties in our zone still contained personal items in the rubble, obviously the homeowners had not gotten a chance to sift through what was left.

Back to the reason we were all there. The main task was to prevent erosion and flooding of those who live near the watersheds down below. The plant life gone prevents any absorption of water and the creeks simply can not contain the amount of run-off. We lined the driveway with sandbags, dug ditches for silt fences, and created diversions in the creeks. It was a huge amount of work even with a good sized crew of about 15. When looking to neighboring properties the same task was occurring up and down Mtn Drive over and over again. Good work to all those who helped out and lets hope we helped prevent some major problems this winter.

Still Smoldering

Fixing the creekbed

Intstalling silt fences

Good to Go!

All that's left

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