Friday, November 14, 2008

Tea Fire Photos From Parma Park

After hearing of this fire I decided to see it for my self on the way to parents Riviera home. From the edge of Parma Park the fire looked gigantic. Below Mtn Drive and way above it into the hills were all glowing. It was like a giant wave of fire moving faster than you could hardly believe. The wind was so strong from my vantage point that I could barely stand up straight at times. Off in the distance you could hear peoples propane tanks exploding- the whole site was very surreal. After watching the fire move quickly below my location I realized that it was moving in the direction of the Riviera and my parents home. I bolted and made one stop at a friends place just above APS and told her to start packing quick. At that time I don't even think she knew there was a fire just behind her house. I helped my parents pack a little and then went to work with the foam and coated the house and surrounding plantlife with a nice layer. I waited most the night on the roof to see what it would do, but luckily thanks to the wind and fire fighters, it never made it to their house.

Above Coyote

Fire Funnel

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