Thursday, July 10, 2008

Front Country Trail Crew- Help Us Make History!

The Multi-use Trails Coalition announces the formation of the Front Country Trail Crew. With over 70 miles of front country trails to care for, SBMTV is currently the only group doing work- now there is a second group. As part of our mission providing safety on the trails, our FCTC will help bridge that gap.

Crew Description: The goal of our FCTC is to create a six person team to go on trail work days at least six times a year. We would like crew to consist of the same members each time so that our skills can be honed and we can work together more efficiently. Currently four spots are available and we have enough tools for up to six members. No trail building skills are required, only that you would like to improve local trail conditions and you are a hard worker. Thanks to donations from tool manufacturers, each member will receive their own set of equipment free of charge! Time Committment: Once every two months, several hours each time TBD.

The Equipment: Thanks to donations from Corona Tools, Fiskars, and Bullard we will be utilizing the latest in trail building technology- mcleod hoes, loppers, and hand saws. We also have in our arsenal: pulaskis, combi tools, and extendable pruner/saws. We request that anyone who is the least bit interested in the FCTC please email us back for more details. As stated before experience is not necessary, age and sex also not important.

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