Friday, July 4, 2008

Gap Fire Photos Day Three, Painted Cave Area

Knowing that the fire was moving toward West Camino Cielo and Trout Club area I went up to La Cumbre Peak to see how the fire looked from above. Once there the smoke was clearly blowing towards SB. Along with a few others we watched the fire until sunset at which point I made my way west along Camino Cielo until I came onto a ridge overlooking Painted Cave. 154, Goleta, and Old San Marcos Roads were all visible from this vantage point. When I arrived the fire seemed to be above the ridge of the community of Painted Cave. In the distance fire trucks lined Painted Cave Rd and Old San Marcos Rd. I watched and took photos from this point for several hours. Several bright transformer exploded in the fire then quickly followed by darkness in the city below. At some point the wind changed and most of the fire trucks along San Marcos Rd left. When I left the fire seemed to be stopped on the ridge above Painted Cave and I hope it did not move any further. The photos below are taken from La Cumbre Peak and Near Painted Cave.


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