Thursday, July 3, 2008

Gap Fire Photos Day Two

The above shot was taken last night near Santa Barbara Airport. To the far left is Glen Annie and possibly beyond and on the right is Patterson Cyn.

Judging by the amount of smoke I saw yesterday I thought this fire might be under some control. Then I went for a ride late yesterday afternoon and the plume killed that idea. From the hills of SB you could see how the smoke was much lower than it had been a day earlier. I decided to get a closer look.

Up on Old San Marcos Rd the flames were visible on a canyon which probably was Patterson Ave. The flames were jumping about 50 ft up I estimate. The glow was bright enough on Old SM Rd that you could have almost read a book from the light which was probably a mile + away. The

winds were almost non existent which was probably why the flames died down to a glowing ember eventually.

From Goleta you could see how much the fire had spread in one day. It had just been a small spot on top Tues, but now was miles wide and appeared to be more than halfway down the mtns. I haven't seen a map of this today but it supposedly is over 2000 acres now.


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