Saturday, July 5, 2008

Gap Fire July 5th, Eastern Fire Movement Stopped!

All the bomb runs yesterday seemed to have paid off! The Gap Fire stopped just above Trout Club and Hidden Valley. Hand Crews were busy at work near the intersection of 154 and Old San Marcos Pass Rd. tending to small hot spots. Although the fire tried to make it down the canyon yesterday as seen in the photos below, all the water drops didn't let it happen. An area about 1 mile west of 154 was still flaring up a little today but air drops from the DC-10 and hand crews hopefully will get the upper hand. Far less air action today and the wind seems to have shifted blowing lightly in the direction of the SYV. Possibly the last bad fire area is still to the west, out past Winchester Canyon. Big props to the pilots and firefighters for saving the day.

One of the last hot spots on WCC. (Notice the retardent coating all the brush)
DC-10 dropping on WCC

Intersection of 154 and Old San Marcos Pass Rd-Not much smoke lower today

Painted Cave wrapped up tight

Dozers at the San Marcos Pass Summit

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