Saturday, April 17, 2010

Little Pine Was All Mine

Thanks to the gate at Los Prietos being closed, the Buckhorn Rd was free of all ATV traffic. The rainstorm earlier this week caused the SY River to flow just over a foot in depth at the crossing. This is enough so that the gate closes until the water recedes a bit, but not enough that one could walk across or bike across. The Buckhorn Rd is hard packed and fast and the Santa Cruz Trail which recently had some work done is in really great shape. Unfortunately most of the flower action has already past it's prime and the color of the grass is already starting to turn brown. -D

Camuesa Connector

Gopher Snake

Mustard Blooming

Upper Buckhorn

Little Pine Mtn

Last Of The Lupine

Poppies Along The 40 Mile Wall

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