Thursday, April 29, 2010

Rattlesnake-Tunnel Connector Trail Project Status....Incomplete!

Dear Trail Users,

Trail maintenance is tough work, there is no way around it. Since the fires there has been an enormous amount of trail work to get our trails open again. Our feeling is that the trails here in Santa Barbara should be more than just passable at best, as several of them are now. Our hope is that we can help our trails back to the level they deserve to be and beyond then help keep them this way for years to come. With only one other organization (SBMTV) actively performing trail maintenance along with the agencies, the burden is huge.

We appreciate all that have supported our efforts and have attended trail maintenance projects over the last year. Yesterdays event scheduled for the connector trail had a turnout of three volunteers and it was decided that rather than try and work the connector with this small group we should focus on problem areas along the main Rattlesnake Canyon Trail. We accomplished a ton of work up to the meadow but were unable to reach the connector leaving it overgrown and washed out in many areas.

We are more than happy to continue the "Happy Hour" idea either once or twice a month but attendance has been dropping and we feel that for now going on hiatus until we find people or groups wanting to get involved is the best solution. Please contact us if you are interested in participating in trail "work"outs and we will schedule around people's availability. There is plenty more work to be done on Tunnel, Jesusita, and Rattlesnake.


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