Friday, April 2, 2010

Volunteers Needed For The Santa Ynez Valley Classic

Hello Local Mountain Bike Riders,

This weekend Friday - Sunday we will be doing trail work out on the race courses being used for the 10th Santa Ynez Valley Classic, in Los Olivos and we could really use any help with that. Also, if you have a motocross moto you are welcome to come ride the XC course Friday and Saturday. Hours for both trail work and motoing is 9-4. The race is right around the corner. Directions here

I also write you to ask for your help on race weekend. As most of you know I have organized the areas largest competitive mountain bike race for the past 10 years. The SYV Classic takes place in 10 days and starts on Friday April 9th and runs through Sunday the 11th. This event is part of 3 different race series and has both Cross Country and Gravity events. Two different National series (the USAC MTB National XC & DH Calendars, the Kenda Cup West) and the CA State Championship Series.

This is not a small time event. We need local cyclists and cycling fans to step up and volunteer on race weekend. Here is the schedule

PLEASE LOOK AT THE SCHEDULE AND PICK AT LEAST ONE 5 HOUR WINDOW TO HELP. You will be fed and entered into a volunteer prize raffle. I'd also suggest that ALL of you race it too! Even if you race there is plenty of opportunities to help out. If you race and volunteer for 5 hours on race weekend, I will comp your entry fee. (No, you can't volunteer and have someone else receive a free entry.) If you want race you can enter here

I don't ask you guys, the local mountain biker for much anymore, this time I am asking you to help me pull this event off. I am stressed beyond belief, and I need help.

I look forward to hear from all 50 club members as soon as possible. Just think how easy it will be if everyone steps up and helps!

Thanks for your continued support of the Santa Ynez Valley Classic (Formally known as Firestone Classic)

Enjoy the ride,

Mike Hecker

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