Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tunnel Trail Happy Hour Re-Cap

A small but dedicated crew hit the trails this past Tuesday to prepare Tunnel/Jesusita Trails for the big opening today. Tunnel Trail was the focus of this trail work as it suffered the most damage from the rains following the Jesusita Fire. The area most damaged was just below Rattlesnake Connector where washouts edged up to sheer drop offs. Thanks to Chase, Joani, Matt, and Cinder that area has become safe again but due to the size of the group and amount of work many problem areas still exist and will be the focus of future trail work. - Dave

The crew heading up Tunnel Trail
One of the few problems on Jesusita trail
Problem solved

Matt at work

Tunnel washout before

Tunnel washout after Joani and Chase did work

The large rockfall section

Now, just like the rockfall never happened

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