Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Got Information on Gaviota Coast Trails and Bike Paths?

We received this email from Mariah Moon of the Naples Coalition, please contact her if you can help out:

I am a volunteer with the Naples Coalition and am researching trail use on the Naples property(located 2 miles north of the Winchester Canyon fwy exit), the eastern gateway to the Gaviota Coast. We are trying to show that people have been using the trails for quite a while and are trying to document this use in order to preserve public use of the trails and public access to the beach.
I wondered if you have any information about trails used by bikers in this area and if there are there known coastal routes that link Goleta to El Capitan/Refugio via a dirt trail? Also, do you know of any printed maps, published or not, that may show this area as a route for bikers or anyone else?
Thank you very much for any information you might have.
Happy trails,
Mariah Moon, Naples outreach comittee 805-451-3071, aquamoon42@hotmail.com
Details on our mission to save the beach access trails and bluffs of Naples are at savenaples.org and gaviotaaction.org

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