Friday, January 9, 2009

Proposed Mtn Biking Rule Changes In Your National Park System

Dear Trail User,

We reported on our blog in Oct of 2008 that President Bush was considering easing restrictions on mountain biking in the national parks. In late December he did just that and has written a proposed rule change that would allow park managers of approximately 30 national parks to decide what trails would be acceptable for use of mountain bikes. Currently bicycles may only ride on paved roads in most national parks.

We are in strong support of bicycling on trails in the National Park System that park managers decide are suitable for multiple use travel. We feel the time has come to move into the future as we hope you do. The decision is not final and public comment will help determine the outcome of this proposal. Yes, we said public comment. The public comment period will only be open until 2/17/09 so please act accordingly, the online comment form only takes 2 min to complete! We will link below forms to comment on the rule change, to look at the proposed changes click HERE.

To comment on this proposed rule click here for the official government website or here for the IMBA site comment form(better yet do both!) Your voice will make a difference in this decision process, if you don't think so check here and here to see what comments are being left on the subject.

The Multiuse Trails Coalition

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