Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Trail Maintenance- Our New Proposal

If you've been on the trails lately you may have noticed that things are startin' to grow. Winter weather and high usage are puttin' the trails in a state of disrepair. Over the years several trail organizations have led the way in repairing our trails but there are many miles of trail and there have not been enough people to go around.

We proposed this week to the Task Force a new idea in trail maintenance. With our FCTC, three organizations are available to care for the trails. Instead of the regular organized trail events, divide the trails amongst the 3 groups and let them care for them as needed. This plan would be for the SB trails since the MTF is in charge of maintenance in Montecito.

Trail care begins with the little things. The waterbars which direct water off the trail are essential in preventing erosion and damaging trail tread. The waterbars on Jesusita(MC side) hadn't been cleared in probably the last 3 years. Being sick of seeing the huge rut forming in the middle of Jes. every winter for the last couple years, I decided to clear them out myself. Simple tasks like this and brush work and fixing minor damage increase safety and prevent doing major repairs down the road. Our thought is that we need a better trail maintenance plan working before any large scale trail rehab can be done. Otherwise, why do trail rehab if we won't be able to maintain what we've done.

Also on the trail maintenance front, two ultra running races are going to be held in the SB back country over the summer. We have contacted the race directors and let them know we are available for helping out. More on this as it develops. For more on these races visit:

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